MVR 1020-Mother and Child Angel MVR 1021-Angels w Sunflower MVR 1022-Angel w bunny MVR 1023-angel w leaf bowl MVR 1024-Sleeping angel in basket MVR 1026-circle of angels MVR 1055-kneeling angle w bird MVR 1083-angel on pedestal MVR 1084-angel from pedestal MVR 1090kissing angels MVR 1099. Grieving Angel MVR 1100-Sitting Angel with Shell0 MVR 1315 Standing Angel with Book MVR 1316-Angel with Lion and Deer MVR 1317-mary in rose grotto MVR 1318-Small Garden Angel MVR 1319-Angel of Hope MVR 1320-Sitting Angel with Book MVR 1321 Medium Celtic Cross MVR 1322-St. Theresa MVR 1323-angel with flower on turtle MVR 1324. Hushabye Angel MVR 1372-Grapevine Cross MVR 1373-Angel Grotto MVR 1395-Small Hanging Harp Angel MVR 1396-Angel sleeping in leaves MVR 1397- Angel wing planter MVR 1398-New Laying Angel0 MVR 1402 Sitting Boy Angel with Puppy MVR 1421. Angel laying with lion and lamb MVR 1422. Jesus with children MVR 1470. Large 5 ft Virgin Mary MVR 1471. Angels with jug MVR 1472. Extra Large angel with child2 MVR 1564. Cassandra-girl angel with doll MVR 1565. Taylor with Bird MVR 1566. Baby in Wings MVR 1614. Girl Angel on Rocks MVR 1615. Angel with Staff MVR 1627. Angel Laying on Side MVR 1628. Angel holding Dove over Spill MVR 1635. Cupid Angels MVR 1636. Medium Leaf Angel MVR 1650. St. Francis with Lamb MVR 1667. Angel with wreath MVR 1671. Large Cross MVR 1695. Small Angel in Basket MVR 1723. Holy Bible Hands MVR 1727. Hope- Angel of Innocence MVR 1768. Child in Thought MVR 1769, 1770. Large, Small Resting Angels MVR 1773. Prayer Child Angel MVR 1792. Jesus sitting with children MVR 1800. Hands Grotto MVR 390-Small Sitting Angel MVR 428-Shelled Wings Angel MVR 429. Small Kneeling Angel MVR 431-Large Blowing Kiss MVR 435-Standingangel w garland MVR 436-Fancy Angel MVR 437-Angel on Rocks MVR 438-Dress Up Angel0 MVR 440-St Francis at Well MVR 557-Angel on Side MVR 558. Emily MVR 559. Sandy MVR 560-David&Wildlife MVR 561-tiny wall angel MVR 563-boy Angel MVR 686-grotto MVR 687-large angel MVR 688-heartbowl angel MVR 689-dreaming angel MVR 691-abigail MVR 71- Angel Kneeling (side view) MVR 71. Angel Kneeling MVR 72-Large Vrigin Mary0 MVR 73-Small Vrigin Mary MVR 739-st joseph MVR 74-angel standing MVR 75-St. Francis MVR 76- St. Anthony MVR 765.-St fraicrae MVR 766-St francis with doves MVR 769-Angel on lily pad MVR 77-Sacred Heart MVR 78-Mary in Grotto MVR 79-St Jude MVR 808-Lg.sitting Angel MVR 835-gabriel MVR 837A-rachel- standing MVR 837B-Rachel.sitting MVR 838-Large St.Francis MVR 856-leaf angel MVR 883-Large garden angel MVR 889-Katie Angel MVR 900-Angel on Rocks with Spill Bowl MVR 907-Angel w bird nest MVR 908-Small St.fraicre MVR 909, 910, 911, 912nativity set MVR 914-cherub birdfeeder MVR 915- Praying angel MVR 963- Standi ng guardian angel MVR 974-Angel With Urn MVR 975-Kneeling St.Francis with Dish MVR 976-Praying Angel with Wings MVR 977-St. Francis w Dove and Dish R1025--angel w nest S 1354-Micheal the Arc Angel